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As one of the UK’s leading online sex dolls shops, we have an extensive range of quality, top brand blow up love dolls to choose from.

We all have sexy fantasies we imagine in our minds that excite us and turn us on.  What’s your fantasy?  Sexy secretary, hot nurse, naughty school girl, japanese girls, celebrities, transexual, fireman, midget?  We have them all - whatever your fancy!

Browse through our full range –    female,   Japanese  , male, realistic and shemale   

Would you like to dress up your sex doll in a sexy fantasy outfit? Check out our fantasy costumes where you can dress her (or him!) up however you want to! We also sell gels and lubricants too.

Everything we sell comes with Free UK Delivery – so no hidden costs when you get to the checkout.

We are committed to providing  excellent customer service – from order through to delivery it is completely discreet, secure, and  private. There will be nothing on your bank statement other than a transaction with Ltd and your order will arrive in plain packaging.


Fascinating Facts about Blow Up Sex Dolls

Now here is something that you may not have known. The sex doll goes back to the days of World War II. Under Adolf Hitler’s leadership, the Nazis with a team of workers from the Hygiene Museum in Dresden in Germany built a “gynoid” (or sex doll). This was to help storm troopers from catching sexually-transmitted diseases that were associated with French street prostitutes. They also did not want their pure German blood mixing with that of any other race.

Although The Borghild Project was met with much resistance back then, she has undergone many physical improvements with the help of living models as well as famous female athletes of that period.

The changes she has undergone have also allowed her to morph into different colors, sizes and shapes.

Why Buy A Love Doll

These days, inflatable dolls serve several purposes and they are not limited to men that may not be cool enough to go out on a date. Women are also getting in on the trend and some have even participated in focus groups to have their say on what it is they want in a partner.

They are fun to take along on stag/hen (bachelor/bachelorette) parties, girls’ night out and an unlimited sexual fun for singles, couples and more.

Isn’t it funny how things have a way of coming full circle? The sex doll was invented to prevent soldiers from catching STDs and now some people use them for the same purpose.

People tend to think of these as tools people use when they cannot get a date. Is it fair to wonder that some people simply are not looking to date or that they just want to get down to business without the screening process and, dare we say it, money spent on a date.

Some also choose to not engage in sexual relations during a courtship, even if they are not a virgin. The same way that people can choose to have sex with anyone they please, they can also choose not to engage.

Why Buy From

We have a wide selection of sex toys for men and women which include dolls of many sizes and shapes. Why not go for perfection? The great thing about them is that they are quiet, are anatomically correct and they can go on for hours and hours. Whatever stage of life a person is in, you should come check out what we have to offer. You might find a new way to have good, clean fun with your friends! Our service is 100% discreet all orders are delivered in plain packaging without any relevance of where it has come from or what is inside, your credit card statement will show Ltd. We despatch our orders same working day with free first class delivery or if you prefer you can choose a guaranteed next day delivery at checkout for a small charge of £5.95.



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